The Importance of Ultrasound Technology in High Risk Pregnancies

In October, our center committed to replacement of all our ultrasound machines by the end of this month.

The importance of this cannot be underestimated. Ultrasounds are just big computers. After 3 years, a computer is 4 times slower than a new computer. Imagine a flip book going 4 times slower- the video is worse.

Getting new equipment maintains our center at the cutting edge of technology. This new equipment will have improved 3 D capability and imaging of the heart. It will also have an unmatched “Matrix” technology which will allow us to scan in 2 planes at once (an x and y plane).

10 new machines is a huge commitment that is unparalleled in high risk obstetrical care in the city of Las Vegas and one of the largest recent commitments in the Western United States. We believe this will allow us to provide the best possible care to you and your baby.

Last month we started to get our ultrasound machines in with new “matrix” technology, delivered and installed.  The machines have been fantastic with unreal 3D and 4D (when the babies let us see) and also crisp and clear imaging.  We have been really impressed with the technology update.