The unsurpassed compassion, commitment and customer service you and your baby deserve

It’s both easy and common for women with increased pregnancy risks to be concerned, fearful and uncertain. When you have elevated pregnancy risks, it’s easy to feel anxious, uncertain and fearful. That’s why the High Risk Pregnancy Center provides not only exceptional, leading-edge medical care but also the dedication, caring and service you and your developing baby need and deserve.

To ensure you never feel alone as you face a high-risk pregnancy, our doctors, nurses, sonographers, counselors and support staff are here for you with genuine compassion and unsurpassed customer service. We spend as much time as needed to understand your needs, answer your questions and explain your care and options in terms you can understand. Most of all, we’re committed to providing the support, respect, comfort, kindness and attentiveness you need…every step of the way.

24/7 availability when you need it

It couldn’t be simpler: high-risk pregnancies come with risks, including risk of complications. In fact, the same is true of pregnancy in general, but perhaps truer for moms-to-be dealing with elevated risks. At the High Risk Pregnancy Center, we are available for developing problems at any time of the day or night. Simply call us at 702-382-3200 and tell us what you’re experiencing. We always have a maternal-fetal medicine subspecialist on call, and we prioritize your urgent situation appropriately to protect the health of your pregnancy as well as your and your baby’s health.

Striving for efficiency and excellence in every aspect of your care

At the High Risk Pregnancy Center, we are leaders in maternal fetal medicine for really just one reason: we strive to provide the very highest standard of care and medical excellence. Over our 20-plus years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to this simple premise and objective, building reliable and efficient systems to help us run on-time and make sure you’re getting the right care at the right time. We make every effort to see you at your appointed time, and we’re proud of the efficiency and quality of care we’re able to provide you.

Focused on you and your needs with outstanding customer service

Pregnancy is about love and family. This is why we are dedicated to healthy pregnancies…and why we insist or providing you the highest standard of customer service. We are flexible and responsive, we cater to your comfort and concerns, and we’re committed to doing the right thing for you and your baby.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 702-382-3200. You can also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.