Chanel’s Story: Dedicated Support for a Determined Woman with Diabetes

woman smiling while holding child Chanel is a diabetic. She was determined to have a baby and relied on the positive stories of other diabetics who have had babies with no incident. But the fact she’d had kidney failure complicated her condition. When she became pregnant, her local ob/gyn recommended she come to The High Risk Pregnancy Center, knowing she’d get both the counsel and help she needed.

At HRPC, our doctors were honest with Chanel and her family about the high risks she was facing. We communicated our concerns compassionately but then respected her wishes to continue with her pregnancy. When her blood pressure and blood sugars dropped and her life was at risk, we hospitalized her.

“It came to the point that nothing was making medical sense,” Chanel’s husband Jason remembers. “I asked my wife about giving up but she just wanted to take it one day at a time. Under the very close observation of all of The High Risk Pregnancy doctors—this great team—that’s what we did for the next three and a half months. We took it one day at a time.”

mother and father smiling with son At 32 weeks, Chanel delivered a healthy baby boy.

“I am so grateful for the medical care I got, but also for the support,” says Chanel. “We made it and we have this little miracle. And we thank God every day that he is here.”

Jason shares his wife’s deep gratitude. “Against amazing odds, we have our family today and our story is proof that anything is possible. If there is a way, this medical group can find out how to do it and make it happen.”

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