High Risk Pregnancies: Answers for Referring Doctors, Health Agencies & Their Patients

Obstetricians and other doctors refer their patients to us because they know we perform the most comprehensive set of tests and screenings available today to evaluate pregnancy risk and fetal abnormalities. They also trust us to provide the highest level of care for monitoring and managing risk.

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Coordinated, state-of-the-art care for healthy pregnancies and optimal outcomes.

In our role as coordinators of your patient’s pregnancy team, we are committed to keeping you informed. Just as importantly, we value your input to ensure your patients have the safest and most successful pregnancy possible.

Resources for referring obstetricians and other doctors.

Below are some essential resources for referring doctors as well as information about the High Risk Pregnancy Center you can share with patients.

HRPC Referring Physician Testimonials

See what some of our referring physicians are saying about their experience referring their high-risk OB patients to our practice.

Enhancing our advanced care with unsurpassed commitment and compassion.

While emotions, worry and concern are part of pregnancy even when elevated risks are not involved, patients at risk for pregnancy complications and who possess pre-existing medical conditions have even greater need for compassion, patience and understanding. As their referring doctor, you can trust that these women will get the utmost in personal attention, caring, support and customer service here at HRPC.

Just as close collaboration and information-sharing with you are essential to a successful, full-term pregnancy, so is making sure that your patients never feel alone or unsure. This is as much our commitment to your patients’ care as the advanced expertise and services for which we’re known.

We invite you to visit our site often, and please feel free to contact us any time to consult about any patient concerns you have. We are here to support you.

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