Offering Hope for Your High Risk Pregnancy

The Best Holiday Gift We Can Give

During the holiday season, we all spend more than a little time considering the perfect gifts for our loved ones, friends and associates. A bottle of perfume? A piece of jewelry? A great book? Something for the kitchen? A fruit basket? The process can get so stressful we forget the best gifts of all:  hope, belonging, life itself. These are the gifts a maternal-fetal medicine team offers women with high-risk pregnancies. At the High Risk Pregnancy Center, each member of your maternal-fetal medical team is here for you 24 hours a day, with fast, responsive care, compassion and the hope you need to make it through another day, week or month as you await the birth of your child. Every woman who has experienced a high-risk pregnancy knows that no one can guarantee a positive outcome. But when you have the right medical team and treatment, get the emotional support you need, and trust you are where you belong, you increase your odds significantly. Patient experience, defined as every aspect of a patient’s encounter with her healthcare provider, has a real impact on your outcome. When you feel confident about your care, you reduce the chances of complications from stress. Each of our staff members, nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors has a passion for the work we do. We love making you feel welcome and comfortable so you can trust you are exactly where you belong. And we especially love keeping you healthy so you can deliver a full-term, healthy baby. It’s the greatest gift we can give, all year long.

In Our Patients’ Own Words

As we come to the end of another year, we’d like to share a few patient comments to illustrate the power of patient experience and honor the work of our exceptional team. “This is going to be hard to believe, but our maternal-fetal medicine doctor actually learned about our dilemma and reached out to us asking if he could help. We had considered other choices but in the end decided to go with the High Risk Pregnancy Center because we felt, and still do feel, that the doctors genuinely care about their patients. They know when and how to show compassion as well as when to lighten the mood with a little humor and a smile. They answer all your questions and we have never left an appointment wanting more. They always go the extra mile to make sure you are happy and informed.” – Derrick “I was sent here for some complications I was having with my pregnancy. The staff was amazing, so nice and very informative. My doctor explained everything that was going on so I could understand it. He made me feel like I was his only patient. He wasn't rushing and really took his time with us, I felt very important going to see him.” – Heather “Three months into my second pregnancy, my father passed away and on top of that, I was having regular asthma exacerbations. To be on the safe side, my primary OB referred me to the High Risk Pregnancy Center. The entire staff was fantastic. From the front desk, to the ultrasound technicians, to the nurses and doctors. It is a very professional setting, but also extremely warm and caring. I remember a particular incident when I had fallen and was eager to come in for my weekly monitoring and hear the heartbeat and just make sure everything was ok. My doctor had told me to come in whenever I needed that reassurance of hearing the heartbeat. He even brought me to the front desk and told them that if I ever came in wanting to check the baby, they should send me right in. I never had any more scares but it was comforting to know that I had no reason to worry. I came in every week to get monitored for about 30 minutes. I would sit in a comfortable recliner chair in a room with about 8 other women as the heartbeat sounds of our babies would fill the room. The women gathered in that room had a variety of different reasons for their high risk pregnancies, but we all had the same goal: to have a healthy full term pregnancy. I was blessed with a healthy baby boy.” – Rosemarie “After everything we went through, after everything she endured, the emotional roller coaster that we were on — highs and lows — to hold our son in our arms and see him in the flesh… there’s nothing better than that.” Dan

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year from all of us at the High Risk Pregnancy Center.