A Mobile Solution for Medical Imaging Coming to the High Risk Pregnancy Center

What if you could share your high quality ultrasound images of your baby with your mom and dad, your spouse or your best friend over a secure network from any mobile device? What if we could share these images quickly with referring physicians, letting them see the same information we have at the same time? What if you could replace those old black and white images that fade with time with a full information digital image?

Fast access to your ultrasound images any time and on any device.

The High Risk Pregnancy Center will install new software next week from Trice Imaging, which will let us do all this and more. It’s a neat solution for women who want to send images instantly and securely to their families and friends, using their phone. You can even download them and share them on social media, if you wish. Additionally, this medical imaging solution allows us, as subspecialists, to collaborate on consultations with your obstetricians or other medical professionals more efficiently. We can send images in seconds and be on the phone together discussing high-resolution images they can view on their smart phones, tablets or computers. Additionally, we can add the new images to patient’s electronic health records so they are always available for immediate access. This is another way the High Risk Pregnancy Center can support better patient care and help improve outcomes.