Best Fetal Ultrasounds for Pregnancies

An ultrasound is a routine diagnostic test that relies on sound waves to create an image of a growing fetus. Most women will have at least one during their pregnancy. Ultrasounds are commonly used to confirm the due date and sex of the baby, however they are powerful tools that can detect abnormalities of the brain, heart, spine, and other parts of the anatomy of your baby.

What is advanced ultrasound screening?

If your doctor detects any problems during a routine ultrasound, he or she may order additional, more in-depth ultrasounds. Advanced ultrasound screenings provide the highest level of detection of fetal abnormalities possible when you need to rule out potential problems or just need that extra peace of mind.

Using leading-edge fetal echocardiography technology, and advanced level test for your pregnancy used when there is an increased risk of fetal heart abnormalities, the skilled maternal fetal medicine specialists at High Risk Pregnancy Center can accurately assess the baby’s heart structure and function in utero. If any abnormalities are detected, your doctors can prepare to assemble the best team to treat your baby immediately after birth and give you information on the best possible care options.

Research has shown that women who have had advanced ultrasound testing performed by MFM specialists (also known as perinatologists or maternal fetal medicine subspecialists) have a three-fold increase in detection of abnormalities compared to community-based radiology or OB/GYN offices. This gives you several times the reassurance that everything appears to be progressing smoothly. This is what our practice calls the “rule-in normal ultrasound”.

Advanced ultrasound screening is available to everyone—you don’t have to be at high risk for pregnancy complications to schedule, or to benefit from, this level of care. In fact, you may desire a higher level of ultrasound detection to help reassure you that your pregnancy is more likely to be normal.

Our team of maternal fetal medicine subspecialists is highly skilled in the screening, diagnosis and management of pregnancies, as well as the dedication to support our patients and their families with the compassion and empathy they need. If you would like to schedule a fetal ultrasound in Las Vegas, or if you have other questions, call 702-382-3200. You can also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.