Babymoon: How to Safely Celebrate Your Time Before Your Baby Comes

The months leading up to the day your baby is born are undoubtedly an exciting time, but this time can also be stressful for you and your partner. As a remedy to the stress, babymoons have become increasingly more popular over the years. A “babymoon” is a timely vacation that gives expectant couples a chance to relax and bond before their little one comes along. This is also known as the honeymoon before the baby comes. But traveling while pregnant raises additional concerns, and there are safety precautions that you must take. Check out these tips to ensure a safe yet relaxing babymoon that you both deserve.

Choose a safe location

One of the most important factors to planning a babymoon is to choose a destination that is a safe place for you and your baby to be. Although most travel is not associated with any increased risk of complications, that is different form saying you wont have any complications that may have occurred anyways.  Make sure to research the areas where you will be spending your time, especially if you plan to leave the country.

Time your trip right

The best time for expectant mothers to travel is after the first trimester. The second trimester is typically the most comfortable time during your pregnancy, as the nausea of the first trimester has worn off and the discomfort of the third trimester hasn’t hit yet.

Minimize travel time and stress

Putting up with a long car ride or layover is no way to start a relaxing trip. Choose a location that won’t tire you out just to get there. Save any exerting excursions for another trip when you aren’t pregnant. Plan for a destination that offers opportunities to relax, like spa treatments or places of leisure like museums and gardens.

Talk with your obstetrician

Traveling while pregnant can often create extra obstacles. Make sure you discuss your trip with your obstetrician prior to leaving. Women with high-risk pregnancies are often advised to stay closer to home for their getaway. If you plan to travel overseas, be sure to check on any necessary vaccines you may need. Take a copy of your medical records of your pregnancy with you as this will help a physician provide more ideal care for you if complications arise.

Check out nearby medical facilities

Before you book your destination, check for and review nearby medical facilities. Quality medical facilities are not always plentiful in some desired vacation spots. If you’ve decided to hit the seas for your trip, check to make sure there is a healthcare provider on board. Keep contact information for your obstetrician on hand throughout your trip.

Book the right room

Do some research before booking the room you will be sleeping in while on your babymoon. Opt for a king-sized bed and ask for extra pillows for support in addition to bringing your own favorite. Ask for a quieter room away from elevators or pools as these can attract more noise.

Foster proper circulation

No matter where you’re traveling, it’s important to get up and move around every hour to keep your blood pumping. In addition, keeping your legs elevated will help reduce swelling and leg cramps.

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