Before You Visit HRPC: Download Your Patient Forms

woman handing patient to lady at front deskPregnancy is a time of change, obligation and nervousness…particularly if your risk for complications or abnormalities is higher than normal. That’s why we want to make your first visit to the High Risk Pregnancy Center as simple and stress-free as possible.

For your ease and convenience, we’ve posted all of our new-patient forms below to help you save time. If you are visiting us for the first time, please download, print, and fill out these forms. Then bring the completed forms with you to your first appointment.

If you do not have access to a computer printer, please arrive at least 30 minutes early to your appointment so that you can complete these forms in our office before the doctor sees you.

Making your first visit even simpler and more convenient with our online Health History Interview.

For your convenience, we’ve also created a health history interview form you can fill out and submit online — no printing required! This interview will take 10 to 15 minutes and cannot be re-started. You will be asked questions about your health history and the health history of the child’s father.

Click on the link below to begin your virtual interview:

If you have questions about any of these forms, or if you need to speak to someone at the High Risk Pregnancy Center, we’re here to help! Call 702-382-3200. You can also request an appointment using our easy online form.