High Risk Pregnancy Center Announces New Detailed First Trimester Ultrasound

With the advancements in technology continuing on an upward trend, High Risk Pregnancy Center’s ultrasound technology equipment follows suit.

Offering a detailed first-trimester ultrasound for women who are considered high risk early on in their pregnancy, expectant parents can work with our doctors to mitigate their at-risk status through early detection and intervention techniques offered through ultrasound.

The detailed first-trimester ultrasound is available at all four Nevada-based locations.

What is a detailed first-trimester ultrasound?

Our center is the first in Nevada to perform detailed first-trimester ultrasound for the early examination of an 11-13 week fetus.

It allows our maternal fetal medicine specialists to successfully detect over 50% of significant abnormalities early in the pregnancy timeline to allow parents to verify the health of their pregnancy.

How is it different from a standard ultrasound?

Most women receive an ultrasound during the first trimester of pregnancy regardless of whether they are considered high risk.

While a standard ultrasound is used to confirm pregnancy and measure fetal growth to determine a more definitive due date, a detailed first-trimester ultrasound extensively examines the fetus in detail to note any anatomic abnormalities in the fetus.

A detailed first-trimester ultrasound is proven to:

  • Detect up to 50% of significant anomalies in this gestational age window—particularly cardiac abnormalities
  • Successfully detects a vast majority of major irregularities, including anencephaly, holoprosencephaly, ectopic cordis, body stalk abnormalities, and large abdominal wall defects

With early detection, patients can pursue earlier genetic diagnostic testing, multidisciplinary counseling, referral to appropriate fetal therapy centers or surgical centers, improve reproductive health access, and offer reassurance for parents a full two months before routine ultrasound screening of anatomic abnormalities.

Who should get a detailed first-trimester ultrasound?

We recommend a detailed first-trimester ultrasound for all high-risk pregnancies, especially those that involve:

  • Mothers 35 years and older
  • Those with pregestational diabetes
  • Pregnancy conceived via in vitro fertilization
  • Patients with a confirmed multiples pregnancy
  • Women with a history of high-risk pregnancies or previous fetal abnormalities
  • Those with a maternal body mass index of 30 kg/m2 or higher

Book your first-trimester ultrasound today

Opting for a detailed first-trimester ultrasound is a great way to determine the health of your fetus at an early and valuable stage in its development process. It is highly recommended for high-risk mothers, those with a history of fetal abnormalities and pregnancy complications, and those with other outstanding health conditions that may affect fetal growth and development.

To learn more about our new detailed first-trimester ultrasound or to schedule yours, contact us today.