What You Need To Know About Gestational Diabetes

Many pregnant women are familiar with the usually-dreaded glucose drink — a syrupy solution that’s used during the glucose challenge test to help determine a woman’s glucose tolerance during pregnancy. While it may not be a pleasant experience for some, it is necessary to determine if you have gestational diabetes. What is gestational diabetes? Gestational … Continued

Preparing for Pregnancy in 2021

Now that we have officially entered 2021, many women are returning to the goals and resolutions they set for themselves in 2020, including pregnancy. And for good reason. 2021 – probably more than any year previously – represents renewed possibility after the hardships so many of us faced during 2020, and what better way to … Continued

Mental Health During COVID

Maintaining your mental health is an important part of everyday life but there are times when it should become a crucial focus. If you are pregnant or parenting during a time of global change, keeping a healthy mind should be high on your priority list.Below are 5 tips on keeping your mental health in good … Continued

Pregnancy During COVID FAQs

Even before there was a global pandemic, high-risk pregnancies came with a higher level of concern and worry. Now, with COVID-19 still being prominent in our communities and daily lives, it’s critical to get everything you need to stay healthy and stress-free while pregnant. We are firmly committed to providing the safest care possible to … Continued

Opioid Use While Pregnant and Alternative Therapies for Pain Treatment

Women with opioid use disorder and dependency tend to face complex issues, including but not limited to: Socioeconomic backgroundPsychosocial and environmental factorsInterpersonal violenceLack of social supportsCo-occurring psychiatric conditionsUnstable housingLack of proper nutritionPregnancyPregnant women who suffer from opioid use disorder are likely to also use other substances that prenatally put an infant at risk for a wide … Continued

Best Fetal Ultrasounds for Pregnancies

An ultrasound is a routine diagnostic test that relies on sound waves to create an image of a growing fetus. Most women will have at least one during their pregnancy. Ultrasounds are commonly used to confirm the due date and sex of the baby, however they are powerful tools that can detect abnormalities of the … Continued

Should I Go to a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist?

For many women, the joy and excitement of pregnancy is tempered by caution and concern. Women with chronic health conditions, those who’ve developed unexpected problems during pregnancy or women who’ve had non-routine pregnancies, need special attention from day one of their pregnancy to the day they deliver.They need the expert care of a maternal fetal … Continued

How Is Genetic Testing Done?

If you follow pop culture, then you may have heard how Chrissy Teigen and John Legend used genetic testing to choose the gender of their baby. While it can identify whether embryos will be male or female, genetic testing is useful for many other reasons, whether a woman is pregnant or not.Genetic testing is often … Continued

What Is a High-Risk Pregnancy?

In essence, a high-risk pregnancy is one that presents a threat to the well-being of the mother or the child. These types of pregnancies require specialized care from highly trained physicians to decrease risk and create the best chance of a healthier outcome.At High Risk Pregnancy Center (HRPC), our maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) subspecialists provide that … Continued

Holiday Eating While Pregnant

With the holiday season upon us, it’s important to protect yourself against harmful germs and bacteria in the kitchen. Even during the holidays, it’s necessary to avoid potentially harmful foods, as you should throughout the year. Below are a few reminders of common foods served during the holidays that you should avoid while pregnant. Turkey … Continued