Research Study on High-Risk Pregnancy: Lowering Preterm Birth Rates

Evaluating the safety and efficacy of preterm birth prevention strategies. High Risk Pregnancy Center has partnered with Sera Prognostics and several other influential community and university maternal-fetal medicine centers across the United States to conduct a prospective, randomized, controlled study on preterm birth. This study aims to reduce the incidence of adverse pregnancy outcomes—specifically concerning … Continued

HRPC Doctor Featured in Real Vegas Magazine Article

Dr. Brian Iriye Shares His Thoughts on the Importance of Regional Neonatal ICUs in Real Vegas Magazine’s Latest Edition High Risk Pregnancy Center is excited to share one of Dr. Iriye’s latest article publications in Real Vegas Magazine, “Creating Regional Neonatal ICUs to Better Protect Babies and Moms.” As a specialist in high-risk neonatal and … Continued

High Risk Pregnancy Center Announces New Detailed First Trimester Ultrasound

With the advancements in technology continuing on an upward trend, High Risk Pregnancy Center’s ultrasound technology equipment follows suit. Offering a detailed first-trimester ultrasound for women who are considered high risk early on in their pregnancy, expectant parents can work with our doctors to mitigate their at-risk status through early detection and intervention techniques offered … Continued

Preparing for Pregnancy in 2021

Now that we have officially entered 2021, many women are returning to the goals and resolutions they set for themselves in 2020, including pregnancy. And for good reason. 2021 – probably more than any year previously – represents renewed possibility after the hardships so many of us faced during 2020, and what better way to … Continued